Kern, Rosalie

Psychology Program Director
Associate Professor of Psychology
School of Arts and Sciences
PhD in Psychology, Central Michigan University 2001
MS in General Psychology, Central Michigan University 1998
BS in Psychology, Central Michigan University 1996


Dr. Rosalie Kern is an Experimental Psychologist. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology with a specialization in Psychology and Law; Master of Science in Psychology with a specialization in Emotion and Memory; and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with minors in Spanish and Latin American Studies. She has been an invited guest lecturer by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police at the Canadian Police College in Ottawa, ON, Canada. Also, she has worked as an assistant trial consultant for a private firm in Chicago.

Dr. Kern's career began as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Michigan Tech University in Houghton, MI. She was later promoted to Associate Professor and helped create their Psychology Major and then a Master's in Human Factors Psychology.  A few years later, she relocated to North Carolina and joined the faculty at Pfeiffer University. She served on the faculty there for 8 years before accepting the position of Program Director and Associate Professor at Piedmont International University.

Throughout her career, she continued to enhance her career by attending numerous workshops and continuing education courses. During her tenure at Pfeiffer University, she designed and implemented several new courses and program curriculum changes as well as served as Vice Chair and later Chair of the Institutional Review Board for research.

In addition to her teaching and service, she has spent time volunteering, attending conferences, and researching. She is a member of several national professional organizations and has been a reviewer for numerous Psychological Journals.  She loves teaching, and cultivating an appreciation for the field of Psychology especially with regard to critical thinking and research.

Outside of work, Dr. Kern can be found riding her horse, gardening, and relaxing with her dog and her friends.

Kern, Rosalie